Seven ways to wear Colette Marie this summer.

Seven ways to wear Colette Marie this summer.

Summer is almost upon us (not that you would know it with the weather we've been having over the bank holiday weekend), but it made me think about what I'll be wearing over the up and coming summer occasions, whether it be weddings, holidays, or weekend barbecues.

Summer Occasion Number 1:

Summer by the Sea 

What could be more perfect on a hot, summer day than a stroll by the ocean wearing this outfit! This classical, colour-block ensemble is a must to combine comfort and style. With flat sandals you can walk along a pier or a pebble beach without having to worry about falling flat on your face. Wearing the Natasha bracelet you can transform this outfit from a daytime look, easily into a sparkling evening wardrobe.

Summer Occasion Number 2:

Weekend Barbecue Fun

Something that is quintessentially summer, is a weekend barbecue, and we look forward to enjoying them (hopefully) in these up coming, hot, sweltering months. This get-up is superb at transitioning between your day time activities to evening wear, depending on what you get up to during your weekend, whether it be shopping, socialising or purely relaxing. So whenever a barbecue invite pops up, you will be ready to go.

Summer Occasion Number 3:

Sight-Seeing Chic

A must when on holiday (in my humble opinion) is to go sight-seeing, this often encompasses carrying heavy travel books, camera, sunscreen, phone and a mass of other bits and bobs, therefore a rucksack is the ultimate necessity. There is a common misconception, that just because you're wearing a rucksack you can't be glamorous, but I'm here to tell you that you can! Add a pair of timeless earrings, and lavish your wrists with crystals, and you can outshine anyone.

Summer Occasion Number 4:

Wedding Jazz

Weddings are all about timeless fashion, not up staging the bride, and having enough movement in your dress to dance the night away. This ensemble ticks all these boxes, and more. Powder blue is a classic wedding colour, and matches the bride's dress beautifully, complimenting rather than overshadowing. Silver jewellery is perfect to be worn at weddings, especially in small accents.

Summer Occasion Number 5:

Evening Out Elegance

Evenings out on a hot summer night, means that you can dress simply, yet with finesse, as layering isn't really an option. Keeping your outfit simple, means that you can add character with statement jewellery, and accessories. Gold combined with black is a time-honoured match for sophistication. Gold is faultless on these occasions as nothing conjures the image of summer more than the colour of the sun, complimented with black to give a dash of mystery.

Summer Occasion Number 6:

Stylish Airport Comfort

When you think of airports, style isn't usually the first thing that pops into your head, it's usually more the hustle and bustle of rushing to catch your plane, the crowded terminals and the stressful queuing that comes with it. But with this matching cotton blouse and short set, you can travel not only in comfort, but in the height of fashion, with the day-time pyjama look being across all the runways this season. Pair these with a few Colette Marie touches, and you can book into your hotel on arrival without looking too flustered, and far more of a seasonal traveller.

Summer Occasion Number 7:

Afternoon Lunch in the Sun

Whether your afternoon luncheon is in your local delicatessen or at Fortnum and Mason, this outfit screams charm. The hint of pink in the mini Cambridge Satchel, and the Rose Ann Bracelet perfectly reflects the classic English Rose style, while the flamingo pattern on this dress adds a splash of fun, and the black and white touches gives an edge of elegance to this ensemble.

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