Brand-spanking new, and ready to be viewed.

Brand-spanking new, and ready to be viewed.

Welcome to the new 'Colette Marie' website, and our brand-spanking new blog! We hope you are as excited about our new home as we are. You will notice that not only do we have a new dwelling, but we have some exciting new stock; a glittering array of sparkling new jewellery, as well as our trademark pieces. There are also more striking greeting cards, for you to cast your eyes over.

As well as new stock we have amended our packaging, so rather than our traditional black pillow boxes, we have upgraded to fancy pinstriped boxes, stamped with our detailed logo. As a little extra treat, this box contains a black, suede pouch, which is perfect for when you want to travel with your treasured Colette Marie jewellery.

An enjoyable extra, which you may have noticed, is that our site is scattered with well known quotes; we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did. If you haven't had your fill of quotes yet, check out our other favourite inspirational quotes, on our 'Quote on Quote' board on Pinterest.

Make sure you keep an eye open, in the up and coming weeks, for even more exciting additions. Colette Marie will keep you informed through our blog, social media accounts and another new, special feature... our newsletter! You can sign up for this at the bottom of this website. If you decide to subscribe, we promise to sprinkle your email box with inspiration, promotions and lots of other fun items!

On a final note I will leave you with a favourite quote of mine; 'Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance you must keep moving.' - Albert Einstein.

(first image via Colette Marie, second image via Google images)