Six inspirational blogs for those uninspired days.

Six inspirational blogs for those uninspired days.

It is a whole new genre for Colette Marie, this blogging business, so I thought I would share some of my favourite fashion blogs that keep me inspired, as well as pleasantly distracted!

1. A Piece of Toast

First up, is a favourite of mine. Maybe it's day dreaming of living in the sunny, cowboy terrain of Dallas, but I love to catch up with these two loveable sisters (and their golden labrador Blue Moonbeam).

Sisters, Molly and Sally are unusual, in that they write, either together, or separately, a joint blog: 'A piece of toast'. As a reader it is fantastic to have a blog written by two people who have very similar, yet very juxtaposed styles, which makes for an interesting read. Molly, who takes the majority of the photographs, has a fantastic eye for detail, and for a visual person, such as myself, it's a great source of inspiration.

2. The Londoner

Number two on my list, is for those days when I want to enjoy some globe trotting, fashion, and a dollop of delicious food on the side.

Based in London, but living a jet setting life, Rosie shares it all with her avid readers. No matter whether you live in New York, London, Dallas or Cannes, Rosie will liven up your day. She shares colourful stories from across the globe, photos of the mouthwatering, delicious food she's eaten, and the beautiful sights she has visited, while sharing what she's been wearing throughout. She gives information about local restaurants, in major cities, across all price ranges, and is never tight lipped when it comes to her fashion and beauty secrets! 

3. A Girl, A Style

Third is all about Briony. Technically, an Australian, she lives in Cambridge, but works in London. Much like Colette Marie, she has a love for everything that is glittery, colourful and girly.

If she wasn't a political adviser at Westminster, she would, in my humble opinion, easily be a photographer for a major fashion magazine. Her vividly colourful photographs will always bring a smile to your lips, and want you to throw on a pair of heels wherever you are heading.

4. Cupcakes and Cashmere

At four we have Emily, who, on the back of her blog, wrote a best selling book in 2012 'Cupcakes and Cashmere, A guide for defining your style, reinventing your space, and entertaining with ease.'

Emily covers everything in her blog, from fashion, decor, food, beauty, and a favourite of mine, DIY. She is a go to blog when I am feeling I want a slice of everything under one roof. Her food photographs alone will make you want to raid the kitchen cupboard asap! Always on the look out for organisational tips and tricks, one can't help but fall in love with her organisational posts, which will inspire even the most disorganised person.

5. Peony Lim

Fifth on the list is Peony, purely for a fashion indulgence kick. With a wardrobe crammed full of Chanel, Hermes, endless amounts of Jimmy Choo, and much much more, she shares it all with her readers. 

Every fashion post on this blog is slightly different, whether Peony is rocking the relaxed and poised look, or straight off the runway, her blog could never be accused of being boring on the eye. And although I love Peony Lim for sharing her enviable wardrobe with her readers, she does have some intriguing posts on travel, food and beauty.

6. La Petite Anglaise

Last but not least is my number six inspiring blog. Always on the front row of fashion shows across the globe, Ella's blog reveals what is what when it comes to the fashion world.

When, in one of her photos, she is pictured next to Karl Lagerfield you know that this blogger is rolling with the big players in the fashion world. Although the average Joe won't be able to sit front row at Amanda Wakeley in London, or Louis Vuitton in Paris, you know that you won't miss out, as Ella will be filling you in every step of the way. 

So there you have it - my list of go-to bloggers when I'm feeling uninspired and need a visual boost of encouragement. You can also head over to Colette Marie's Pinterest page to see what else keeps me inspired.

(Image 2, via 'A Piece of Toast', 3 via 'The Londoner', 4 via 'A Girl, A Style', 5 via 'Cupcakes and Cashmere', 6 via 'Peony Lim', 7 via 'La Petite Anglaise')