Packaging & Care

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra." - Jimmy Johnson

Colette Marie Jewellery Packaging

Whether it’s a gift, or for yourself, all Colette Marie jewellery purchases are sent to you packaged at no extra cost. Each individual item is placed in its own small, black suede jewellery bag, which is placed in a Colette Marie stamped gift box, this is then beautifully wrapped in ribbon. These parcels are carefully packaged in a cushioned jiffy bag to avoid any damage during shipping.

Colette Marie is aware that some customers buy Colette Marie jewellery as a gift, therefore we purposefully don’t put any prices on the jewellery. Colette Marie also has a range of greeting cards to choose from, which would go perfectly with your Colette Marie gift.

Our cards are packaged in protective cello-wraps, and sealed comfortably in a rigid board-back envelope for extra protection.


It is important to treat each Colette Marie item of jewellery with care. Each piece has been created individually with love and attention, and therefore needs to be looked after properly and handled with care. 

Please take care, as perfumes and potions can accelerate the tarnishing process, as well as hot weather and sweat. Please remove your Colette Marie jewellery whenever you are in contact with water, whether this is a swimming pool, shower, sea, or even when washing your hands. Colette Marie jewellery may tarnish if worn everyday, but we believe it truly gets better with age.

You can clean each Colette Marie item of jewellery with either gold or silver polish, but please take care during this process, as each item is delicate and must not receive any overly rough treatment. You could try using a soft toothbrush in this process, so that you can reach all the intricate areas.